Explore our beautiful tiles and tile panels collection, crafted closely to the original William Morris tiles by award-winning ceramicist Nina Necak.

Licenced by The William Morris Gallery these tiles will add style and colour to your home or restoration project. Or make distinctive gifts.


Our tiles are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and elsewhere in the home. We also stock tiles  for fireplaces and for that special restoration project we offer a bespoke tile service.

Our tiles are made from the best quality clay in Stoke-on-Trent, UK and hand finished and fired in our workshop in London.

British madeBritish Made

Please contact us if you require more information or would like to place a LARGE ORDER or an INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY

About our tiles

Designs include classics by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and William De Morgan, both members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

We stock  ARTICHOKE, SUNFLOWER, SWAN, DAISY  and TULIPS & CARNATIONS.  A range of panelsALCESTE and a selection from the series Labours Of The Month as seen at Queen's College Cambridge.

We also have a selection of gifts: Teapot Stands and Framed Panel sets.

Alceste, February, April

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  • william morris tiles for gifts

    Why not buy one of our gifts made from our tile range.
    Our Teapot Stands look great in any kitchen or add that special finishing touch with one our framed panels.

    Fireplace tiles
    Images are fired onto Johnsons Prismatic range sold as 150mm x150mm x 7mm (actual size is 147mm x147mm x 6.5mm).
    You will find 150mm tiles vary in size due to different shrinkage rates of clays used.

    When using this range for Victorian Fireplace replacement tiles check the size of the opening for tiles, as occasionally they are found to be too small and bespoke tiles are needed.